Renovation Mood Board

Love the corner window. bench seats are cool.

cool big window

Garage door and facade there looks cool. like the little garden above it.

nice dividers

Who doesn't love LED strip lighting?

The internal wood feature is cool.

love the stone feature here

the way the floor flows into the stairwell looks awesome

Timber under the roof always looks cool. The greenery off the balcony looks great. not sure if practical.

the face looks interesting and modern, yet still coastal. not saying this is for us by any means, just interesting.

Modern cabinetry with touches of wood is really nice

The way the corner opens up reminds me of how we discussed our corner of the round opening up

Inspiration for Sharons master retreat area. with floor to ceiling glass, and chair.

The garage and facade is cool

im not sure what it is, but the vibe of this image is cool.

This is almost exactly the Kitchen design we had. meaning, wood panelled top cupboards. all other cupboards white. with a VJ paneling under the bench.

another slightly different look at the kitchen vibe

I do love timber batons. but perhaps not appropriate other than on the western side to to give us privacy in some way. otherwise, we'd be disrupting our own view. But could still work with the right creativity.